Denver Startup Week Product Design and Development Company

Product Design and Development Company

Denver Startup Week Product Design and Development Company

Denver Startup week started on September 20th and featured a wide range of presenters including Patrick Auell as a product design and development company expert as well as venture capitalists, business owners and founders, branding experts, marketing experts, a Denver creative agency, global visitors, design experts, and experts on intellectual property.  It was an incredible week of collaborative learning, sharing and growing.

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We had the opportunity to present on the topic of “From concept to product to success”.  Presenting with us was Fransis from Mi Casa a resource center who had an amazing depth of knowledge on resources available to new businesses and founders, an individual who runs a manufacturing facility in China, Luke Tierney who is an expert on marketing and works as a Denver creative agency like Auell Consulting, and a founder of a local business who has moved from a startup through a medium sized company.  We found that the group of us had many synergies and different insights along the path of product design and development.  We feel that expanding our network of related industry experts helps us belter serve and help our clients to be able to guide them towards resources that can assist them along the product development path.

Learning Opportunities

We also attended a variety of presentations from other industry experts as a way to grow and continue to connect within the industry as a product design and development company.  One of the most intriguing days for me as a business founder and because we work with a large number of other business founders was the venture capital presentations.  There were local venture capital groups that aim at helping fund startup companies and growing companies to help them grow quickly and have capital to assist in this growth.  The discussions included how to connect with these venture capital networks as there are a large variety of them in Colorado looking to connect with entrepreneurs.  They also shed light on how to present a pitch and even had the opportunity to speak with quite a few of them in person.  As a product design and development company we found this to have an immense amount of information that would be relevant to our clients.

Denver Startup Week is an annual event in Denver that is free for anyone who has a desire to learn and grow as an entrepreneur and business and we highly recommend attending to all fellow business owners and inventors.

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