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 Featured Product Design Consultancy Projects

Auell Consulting, a Denver product design consultancy shows its latest featured products here to get an idea of some products we’ve worked with inventors and businesses to develop.  Products we’ve developed have been manufactured using injection molding, extruding, metal casting, machining, and more.

Rackum Racing’s ForkLocker Hole Shot Device – Denver Creative Agency

The Denver Product Design, a Denver creative agency, team worked in tandem with Rackum Racing on bringing the Fork Locker to market, including product design, prototyping, packaging design, logo design, manufacturing support and product sourcing. This product has been enthusiastically received in the dirt bike racing community and is already being used by many professional dirt biking racers and teams including Deven Raper from team NextLevel and Partzilla and PRMX team. The Fork Locker is a mechanical device that is mounted to the front forks of a dirt bike. It works by compressing the front forks and holding them down until the rider releases the device.

denver creative agency

The packaging features a custom magnetic closing box with die cut foam interior.

denver creative agency

HHere is an image of the Fork Locker installed onto a dirt bike.  To learn more about Rackum Racing’s products visit their website.

New Product Launch rackum racing

EZ Bottle™ Air Dry and Store System – Prototype Design Company

Denver Product Design’s prototype design company team took this idea from conception, through industrial design, prototyping, and on to factory sourcing.   An exciting new product just hitting the market.  EZ Bottle™ Dry is an easy-to-use system and innovative system for drying and storing baby products.  Visit their website to learn more.
prototype design company

EZ Bottle™ Dry System Render

prototype design company

Product Designing Company Design of EZ Bottle™ Dry System Render

prototype design company

EZ Bottle™ Dry System In-Use

prototype design company

Prototype Design Company Prototype of EZ Bottle™ Dry and Store

Gator Tail BBQ Leveler Production and Product Prototype Company

Denver Product Design a product prototype company, assisted in brainstorming, industrial design iterations of potential looks and feels, 3D CAD modeling of the product, detailed engineering refinements, material recommendations and design for manufacturing (DFM) review and refinements.  A product prototype company such as Denver Product Design specializes in making moldable designs that are ready for manufacturing.  To learn more about the Gator Tail visit their product on Amazon.

Product Prototype Company gator tail

Gator Tail Product Prototype Company

Product Prototype Company

Features and Call Outs of the Gator Tail

Product Prototype Company

Gator Tail in Use

Click it Stick™ Car Seat Installer designed by Product Design Consultancy

Denver Product Design consultancy a product designing company’s engineers and industrial designers worked with and inventor to design a device that makes it simple and easy to install a car seat.  This product went through a concept development phase, followed by industrial design, 3D CAD modeling, product prototyping by Denver Product Design a Product Prototype Company, injection molding detailed engineering refinements, quoting the project with multiple vendors in the US and overseas, manufacturing, sourcing, and shipping support.
Product Design consultancy

Click it Stick™

FAST CAR SEAT INSTALL – The Click it Stick™ car seat buckle helper will help you stop wasting time fighting the car seat installation into your vehicle.  Of all the car seat accessories on the market this is the one that you need most! Have your car seat installed in under 1 minute!

EASY AND SIMPLE – Simply pull out the seat belt and use the car seat locking clip the hold the belt out, attach the seat belt to the magnet on the Click it Stick™, push the Click it Stick™ through the back of the car seat, buckle the seat belt, and follow all car seat manufacturers’ instructions for tightening and securement of car seat. You’ll have the easiest car seat to install on the market.

QUICKLY MOVE CAR SEAT TO ANOTHER CAR – Make your child car seat installation quick when moving a car seat from one car to another. Don’t try to thread your hand through the tight space behind a car seat, use the Click it Stick™ to do it with ease.

PATENTED INNOVATION – This car seat tool is patented and Mom and Grandparent Approved!  This is the “Car Seat Key” to a quick install!  This is the first product of its kind to hit the market that actually makes it easier to complete the dreaded task of infant car seat installation and makes any car seat, an easy to install car seat!

Visit the Click it Stick Website.

Product Design consultancy

Click it Stick™ In Use by Product Design Consultancy

Product Design consultancy

Click it Stick™ Installation Steps

Welch Tuning Systems Intuition Drum Tuner

Denver Product Design consultancy engineers worked hand in hand with the Welch Tuning Systems team to develop a revolutionary drum tuning system.  By turning the Intuition tuning peg, both the top and bottom heads of any drum are tuned simultaneously.   Any drum with this tuning system can be tuned perfectly to any pitch in seconds.
Visit the Welch Tuning Systems Team to learn more about their exciting new product.

Consultancy product designing company

Drum with Intuition Tuner Installed by Prototype Design Company

product designing company drum tuner

Full Drum Kit with Intuition Tuners Installed

product designing company drum tuner 2

Full Drum Kit with Intuition Tuners Installed

product designing company drum tuner 3

Police Helmet Venting System Designed by a Product Designing Company

Auell Consulting a product designing company’s engineers and industrial designers worked together to design a  patented venting system to be used in police helmets that are currently on the market and in use by law enforcement officers.

Prototype design company

Innovative Weed Killing Solution

The Denver Product Design a prototype design company team of engineers have worked with Orchard Development to design the Earth-Shot.  This is a ground breaking patent pending new weed killing device.  It allows gardeners to easily target and kill weeds without having to even bend over.  It’s ergonomic, lightweight and durable solution for removing unwanted weeds while keeping your lawns and gardens healthy and unharmed.

Denver Product Design Consultancy Prototype design company

 Earth-Shot™ Weed Killing Tool

Denver Product Design Consultancy Prototype design company

 Root Targeted Approach

Prototype companies near me

Earth Friendly by a Product Design Company

Samsara Cycles Unique Bicycle Dropout

Denver Product Consultancy engineers at Auell Consulting a product design company, worked with Samsara Cycles to create a new dropout system that offers benefits of interchangeable inserts to allow for different wheel/axle combinations and position the brake caliper between the seat stay and the chain stay.  We have worked on several other bicycle industry products as well.

Samsara Cycles Prototype companies near me

Bicycle Dropout by a Denver Product Design Consultancy

Anatomical Ankle Brace for Rapid Sprain Recovery by a Prototype Company Near Me

This client searched, “Prototype company near me” and he came across our product design company.  We helped him develop and prototype an anatomically designed foot and ankle brace  designed for unmatched protection and comfort. Maximum protection for your foot and ankle insures a rapid return to sports activities.

Recovery Zone Prototype company near me

Anatomically Designed Foot and Ankle Brace by Prototype Company Near Me

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