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Industrial design (ID)  is the merger of appearance, value, and function to maximize benefit to the end-user and ease of manufacturing. Our industrial designers are experts in developing innovative concepts and drawings that optimize function, value and appearance of a product.  They focus on integrating ease of end-user interaction with appearance and product aesthetics.  We recommend this early on in the design process to maximize the fusion of function and aesthetics.

At the beginning of each of our New Product Development (NPD) projects, we begin collaborating with our clients to gain an in-depth understanding of the project requirements and how we can achieve them.  Once we’re on the same page, we brainstorm concepts that will meet those goals.  This is followed by design refinement, we do this by hand sketching design options to hone in on the design that is going to both function the best and achieves the brand identity that you desire. After a concept review, the most promising design can be rendered in 2D.  To further refine the design it will be modeled in 3D.  These 3D models will be identical in detail and dimension to the end product.

Our Industrial Design & Consumer Product Design Capabilities Include:

  •  Concept brainstorming
  •  Design Refiniment – Hand drawn concepts
  • 2D Drawings and Renderings
  • 3D Modeling (CAD)
  • Plastic Part Design

Denver Industrial Design Firm Consumer Product Design and Development

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