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Having a fabulous product isn’t enough these days, you also have to have packaging that sets you apart from your competitors.  Your packaging design is an important statement about your brand image and identity that ties in your logo, colors, and attracts clientele from your customer demographic.  Your packaging also helps increase sales when there isn’t a sales person actively selling your product.  Working with a top notch Denver packaging design agency to help make this happen is key.  Find out more about the Auell Consulting packaging design company process below.

The Auell Consulting Denver Packaging Design Company Process

1. Establish Brand Image and Understanding Target Demographic

We start by a in depth understanding of your product.  If we worked with your on the product design portion of your project then we already have a firm grasp of this.  If you are only looking for packaging design, then we like to dive deep to get a full and complete understanding of your product, how it functions, and your target audience.  We then discuss color choices and the feel that your hope to achieve when someone looks at your packaging.  We strive to pinpoint the visual identity that your company and brand wish to portray and communicate that through your packaging design.  The aim for your visual identity to be memorable, motivating, and to set you apart from the competition!

2. Create a Dieline

The first step of the design process is the creation of a dieline.  Our goals when designing dielines is to maximize shipping efficiency , storage, shelf space, and packaging cost.  When designing a dieline we also keep in mind the creative design side of the project .   Dielines for different packaging style can include corrugated packaging, paper boxes, blister packs, poly bags with a label, clamshells, or something completely different.  We create a mock-up of your dieline to test the size an shape and make sure your product fits as expected.  Once our packaging design agency has finished the dieline design it’s time to move on to the creative and graphic design portion of the packaging.

3. Creative Graphic Design – Conceptual Draft

You now have a dieline and your brands visual identity has been identified we begin by drafting potential packaging designs.  We like to work collaboratively with you and get your feedback early on, to ensure we’re achieving the look and feel that your are looking for.   We look at packaging content with a professional marketing background and give feedback on what content should be included on each side of the packaging in order to achieve your visual identity  while communicating to the end consumer what the features and benefits of your product are .  If you have specific content you would like included, we make sure to incorporate it in the best way possible.  If you don’t have specific content in mind, we can help to define those needs and generate this content for you.

4. Packaging Design Company Final Design Delivery

Once all the content and visual elements have been tied together to create the final packaging it’s time to hand the design over to you.   We love seeing and hearing our clients reactions to their new package designs!  We also like to hear about clients satisfaction in working with Auell Consulting, a Denver packaging design company!

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