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When companies are faced with design and manufacturing challenges, the cross-functional team of professionals at Auell Consulting, your Denver product development company, are here to help.  Through user-driven product design and development we aim to open doors for exponential business growth.

Professional Product Designers

From initial concept through manufacturing production, we can help you with every step along the way.  By carefully listening to the customer, we  aim to fully understand and help develop the product that is in line with your vision and fulfills the your needs in the best way possible.  We offer a wide range of product development services including product design, industrial design, product engineering, prototyping and manufacturing support and process design.  Our team of product designers brings together a great breadth of expertise and knowledge in all our areas of service that we offer.

Experienced Product Design Firm

We know that there are  many obstacles along the product development path, but with our years of experience dealing with these issues, we can help you to navigate these waters.  Weather the problem is fully flushing out a concept, selecting the perfect material to make a part out of, molding issues, or any other manufacturing challenge along the way, we can help efficiently find solutions to any of your design problems!


Denver Product Development Services

Denver Product Development Services and Product Design Denver


Our product design firm brings together the combination of creative thinking and technical know-how to craft market ready solutions for your product design needs.
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denver industrial design product design and development


Through an understanding of functionality, form, and aesthetic design, we create innovative designs that drive value for your company.
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product design Denver engineering


Auell Consulting’s passionate team excels at providing technical innovation and all aspects of mechanical design to our clients.
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denver prototype design product designer rapid prototyping denver


Our team drives successful product development by creating functional prototypes and offering manufacturing support with the help of our trusted partners.
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product design denver manufacturing support


Our mission is to  provide support and improve your product manufacturing processes to get your product to market more efficiently and cost effectively.
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With years of experience in marketing , graphic design, and logo design our team can create a stunning logo that represents your brand.

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Packaging design


We can create a packaging design to fit your product perfectly that will represent your brand and vision that will be  perfect for the point of sale.

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product sourcing


After creating a stunning design for your product the next step is product sourcing.  We can help you find the perfect manufacturing partner to bring your product to live.  

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process engineering denver consultant


We provide process engineering design and support for a number of industries including coal, mining, energy, mineral processing, material handling and processing, and more.

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